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A programming environment based on logo that has a straightforward interface and lots of tools

A programming environment based on logo that has a straightforward interface and lots of tools

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Program license: Free

Program by: Softronix

Version: 6.5b

Works under: Windows


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MSWLogo provides a Logo-based coding environment for Windows.

Logo is a programming language based on LISP. It distinguished itself from other programming languages at the time by being more graphics- and logic-oriented than just pure numbers. MSWLogo is a Logo environment that runs in Windows. It’s also freeware, which means that you can use it as much and for as long as you like at no cost and without obligation.

MSWLogo has a very simple yet highly effective user interface. It’s easy to use and is fairly welcoming to new users. The UI consists of three windows: a display screen; an edit and control box; and a status screen. One the display screen you have menus: File, Bitmap, Set, Zoom and Help.

The built-in help is perhaps the most impressive aspect MSWLogo. The help is extensive and entirely available locally. There’s not only full-blown help for the program itself but the language itself as well as other resources, including an entire book that had been published on the topic. If you want to learn Logo, you’ll find everything you need right here.

MSWLogo fully supports three-dimensional geometry, which not all Logo environments do. In the edit window, you have access to commands such as Halt, UnTrace, Pause, NoStatus, Step, Reset, Execute and Edall. The details in the status window are organized into various categories: Pen, Orientation, Turtle, Color and Kernel. That’s all you need to do everything supported in the original orientation and more.

Logo is a programming language designed for educational purposes back in 1967. It still has its uses today but those uses beyond educating young students are limited. There’s not just a lot you can do with it as a programming language for mature coders.


  • A Freeware Logo environment
  • Designed with students in mind


  • Limited usefulness beyond education